Nourishment Works


An Individual nutritional session involves a supportive and safe setting for exploring and inspiring a new way to eat and navigate your current food environment. 

Our first meeting is generally an hour with follow up visits as needed. Together we will do the work it takes to develop a path that suits your individual personal care goals. As part of our work homework assignments are offered to expand your learning. 

We work with adolescents and adults in areas including:  

  • Mindful and attuned eating 

  • Diabetes education

  • Appetite awareness training

  • Balanced living and nourishment

  • Non-diet approach to wellness

  • Body image concerns 

  • Recovery from eating disorders and related food issues  

  • Pleasure positive fitness & lifestyle exercise/movement 

Get the nutritional support you need to heal and grow! 




Ever find yourself feeling stuck, alone, unsupported and lacking follow through? Do you still think doing it all by yourself is working?

Groups are a powerful method for healing and transformation. They are an affordable way to incorporate a dynamic addition to your health goals or recovery work. 

Our groups are designed for individuals aspiring to live free from yo-yo dieting and disordered eating patterns. 


Cooking Classes

“I have always felt a pull towards nutrition and delicious foods. Cooking has been a hobby of mine since childhood.  I have had formal training in constructing well balanced meals, however, I am not a trained chef.  My love of food, nutrition and cooking inspired me to become a Registered Dietitian. I have found that one of the most effective ways to help people eat healthier begins with whole ingredients and how they are prepared. Contact me should you want to schedule a cooking party or join me for a cooking class. Request a cooking class for family celebrations, holidays, gifts, or work site wellness.”  ~Kate